Recent Custom Motorcycles

Thumper Road Glide Trike

Not every day or even every year that you see a trike where 2500 hours of labor were invested. And the reason is not only the body fabrication work to stretch and widen it, but also because of the trials and errors required to fit 2 TV’s, 2 cameras and 2 amps producing around 1000 watts… It’s the work of …

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“The Bobber” by Triumph Factory Custom

The Bobber. Instantly the name invokes images of clean lines, minimal equipment and a stripped-back riding experience. For Team TFC1, a group who count three Bonneville customs and a chopped V8 pickup amongst their own personal vehicles, this was definitely the route they wanted to follow. However, a traditional Bobber wouldn’t cut it for these passionate enthusiasts. The team’s desire …

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Honda’s V4 Concept Model

Saline Bird Concept

BMW K1600 by NURB

Bomba Moto Guzzi

Bott XR-1