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Thumper Road Glide Trike

Not every day or even every year that you see a trike where 2500 hours of labor were invested. And the reason is not only the body fabrication work to stretch and widen it, but also because of the trials and errors required to fit 2 TV’s, 2 cameras and 2 amps producing around 1000 watts…

It’s the work of a shop in Phoenix called MRI Customs with owner Matt Risley stating that he had to consume 50 yards of fiberglass to shape this Road Glide in a comfortable and fast digital equipped cruiser.

Frame is still Harley manufactured but stock engine was swapped for a 124″ S&S. Front end with 7-degree raked triple tree is from Champion Trike. Front wheel is 21″ while in the rear this Road Glide rolls on 2 18″ x 9″ wheels from Center Line. By the way the proud owner of this Thumper is a woman named Barbara Spencer. MRI Customs (Matt Rislety Innovations)Thumper Road Glide TrikeThumper Road Glide Trike  1Thumper Road Glide Trike  2

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