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Saline Bird Concept

This Saline Bird Concept is a race motorbike created for the «Les Triplettes de Bonneville».

The motorbike is powered by an compressed air engine fed by three air tanks with a total capacity of 27 Litres.

All of technical parts are mounted on a frame made of carbon fiber. The position of the biker is directly inspired by speed skier position for better aerodynamics.

The conventional body panels are replaced by leather skin parts that can be slipped on and off “like a sock” in order to switch between the different categories (with body panel or without it).

Saline Bird Concept Open class

It can also be turned into a road model by replacing the handlebar. Technical partners of the project include MDI (engine), LUXFER (air tank) and BRM.

Saline Bird Concept RenderingThe Saline Bird Concept was created by five design students at the ISD of Valenciennes (France) for their 2010-2011 final project.


Saline Bird Concept  1Saline Bird Concept  2Saline Bird Concept

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