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Bott XR-1

This bike makes 100bhp and weighs 374lbs That’s because it’s a Buell motor, wheels, brakes and suspension housed in a custom steel spine chassis, the BOTT XR1 is the perfect intersection of old-school flat tracking and high-tech street shredding, Available as a stand alone machine from Bottpower,  The XR-1 is the product of Spain’s Bottpower  the Spanish firm also plans on making a kit for XB owners.

Bott XR-1Bott XR-1  3Bott XR-1  1Bott XR-1  4Bott XR-1  2Bott XR-1  5Built with an ample amount of carbon fiber, Bottpower used the stock eight-piston Buell 1125R Brake system (with ISR levers for the front brake and clutch). For the rear suspension an Öhlins shock has been implemented, while the under-slung exhaust is from Torque Hammer. The flat handlebar is by Easton, while the gauges are from Motogadget. 


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