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Izh Hybrid Motorcycle Concept

Coming from Igor Chak, the 2012 Izh concept borrows its name from the well-known producer of weapons (the “Kalashnikov” should ring some bells).

In fact, what few of us know is that Izh was also the main Soviet motorcycle factory before the fall of the USSR, with a production even more massive that the IMZ-Ural, and one of the greatest factories in the world.

Chak has therefore redesigned a 1929 Izh-1, a big 1,200cc V-Twin bike with the engine laced transversely, three-steps gearbox, and 23 horsepower. Moreover, the bike’s frame was made from stamped steel foil, with the rear part also working as a muffler.

The 2012 Izh is nearly half the weight of the 1929 model, while power comes from a V-twin 850cc unit generating 140 hp. Thanks to an automatic smart fuel-regulating system, the engine is capable of getting optimal mpg.

The powertrain also incorporates a brushless 60 kW electric motor that is built in the rear rim, with a small 2-speed gearbox. According to the designer, this hybrid combination should be giving around 80 mpg (2.94 l/100km).

Safety wise, the 2012 Izh comes with a dual airbag, a proximity regulating radar system that works together with a front facing onboard camera (also with night vision capabilities), and proximity side sensors on the side mirrors to detect blind spots. Other safety features include advanced traction control, accelerometer for the headlights, stabilizer and advanced ABS.

Finally, the bike comes with a host of connectivity features that are led by an on-board 3D touchscreen LCD. The display uses an augmented reality technology. There are three modes available: sport, comfort and manual. Riders also have the option to remote control their mobile device on the main display. Standard connectivity features include GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and 4G.

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Izh Hybrid Motorcycle ConceptIzh Hybrid Motorcycle Concept  1

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