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Honda CX500 Blubber by Ton-Up Garage

THonda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  7Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  4Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  6Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  8Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  1Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  3Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  2Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage  5The bike you see here is the work of Ton-up Garage – a Portuguese custom workshop with an established name as one of the best in the business. Their attention to detail is second to none and the amount of time invested in getting this CX500 into better-than-factory condition is clearly apparent.

Ton Up Garage says that Blubber is a motorcycle based on a Honda CX500 and like some marine mammals need that extra energy, to swim.  We all need an extra inspiration to achieve freedom in our lives. Blubber was, in fact, named after the special skin storing fat, that provides the energy to this sea animals. The analogy emerged by the different, efficient and essential character both Blubbers stand for (the fat layer and the bike).


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