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Zapico by Mansory

The tuning specialist Mansory released details and photos of a bike it built together with bike customizer Thomas M. George. Called Zapico, the motorcycle is powered by a 124 cubic inch (2,080 cubic cm) V2 engine, provided by American engine builder S&S.

To respect the tradition of the high-power vehicles created by Mansory, the engine fitted onto the bike has been tweaked into developing 160 horsepower (more than the average power output of most of the production series car models in the world), packed in a tiny 340 kg bike.

The speed at which the Zapico accelerates is breathtaking and worthy of any race track. The S&S propels to bike to the promised land of 60 mph in 3.3 seconds.

The design as of the model, simple and lacking all the colorful nonsense we see on some production version bikes, features carbon on most of the body of the cruiser.

The front mask, bug spoiler, seat module, primary shield and silencer, together with the most customizable feature on a bike, the fuel tank, have been designed by Mansory’s people, in colors to match the carbon feel.

Unfortunately for those looking for a price tag in this piece, you won’t find any, because the builder is tight lipped about the subject. The Zapico is, for all intents and purposes, a show-and-tell machine, meant to advertise the fact that if you want something and have the money to pay for it, Mansory will build it.

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