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Weslake by by Olivi Motori

Most notably Triumph tend to be firmly rooted in tradition. Occasionally, however, it is nice to see a manufacturer still captivate the sporting spirit of Hinckley but in a thoroughly modern. Weslake is based on a Speed ​​Triple (108 hp, aluminum frame, dual headlights) and was conducted by Olivi Motori, Triumph dealer in Florence. At the Motor Bike Expo in Verona last year it was awarded the first prize in the category ‘Best Naked‘.

Most components come from the Triumph catalog, including the beautiful section of the tail (style Thruxton trophy) and the rear wheel, which instead comes from a Speed ​​Triple 1050. The nickname ‘Weslake’ is a tribute to the English engineer, the Weslake Engineering, Famous for its cylinder heads Gurney-Weslake. Its founder, Harry Weslake, was also a big fan of motorcycles and its engines for the Vanwall F1 of 1958 was in fact the design inspired by models of Norton.

The Speed Triple which is hidden under the Weslake is still and always recognizable even if the Olivi Motori has radically changed the face with a mask-bikini that leaves uncovered a decentralized single headlight. This and other small changes, such as the T509 instruments embedded in the tank), giving it an unconventional, but still full of charm and elegance that only a true Triumph can inspire.Engine Olives by WeslakeEngine Olives by Weslake  1Engine Olives by Weslake  3Engine Olives by Weslake  4Engine Olives by Weslake  2

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