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TuNero by Marcus Walz

Though he’s also passionate about 1960s American muscle cars – Camaros, Corvettes, Chargers and Challengers – what Marcus Walz really enjoys doing is creating wild, over the top custom bikes.

A motocross rider in the 1980s and 1990s, Walz started his company – Walz Hardcore Cycles – in 1993, in Schwetzingen, Germany, and moved to Hockenheim in 1994. In the year 2004, he was invited as the first non-American custom bike builder, to the Artistry in Iron Master Builder Bike Show, held during the Las Vegas Bikefest in the US.

Last year, Walz was also invited for Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off TV show, and ended up winning it! What does he do in his spare time? ‘The only day that I have just for me is Sunday. If the weather is god, I take a wild ride on my Buell X1,’ says Walz. But then he adds, ‘I’m not that type of guy who rides every day in all weather. If I ride 1000 miles each year it’s a lot! I never was a real biker, I get my satisfaction by building my bikes not by riding them.’

Offering us a peek into the psyche of those who buy his bikes, Walz says, ‘When I’m finished with one of those $100,000 bikes I can’t wait to ride them – but just down the street in front of a Café. Then I sit down and drink a beer and watch how the people can’t believe what they see. That is the real satisfaction for me!’

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