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Tech Twin American 13c

Limited Production: Each machine is handmade and includes special features.
Highly Engineered DAM APEX chassis: Oil in frame with over 5-quart capacity, 3-D steering head bracing, Super bike inspired single sided swing arm. Superior Suspension & Wheels: Control arms and triple trees carved from billet aluminum, Front shock developed by Penske Racing, BST Carbon Fiber Rims. Billet Engine: R&R 2 CAM billet engine which is smoother, stronger, and faster than any other production engine of similar size. 127 cubic inch-140 horsepower. Exhaust system: Hand made stainless steel featuring an under chassis NASCARĀ® styled muffler.
DAM – is a high-end, high performance motorcycle brand whose foundation is based on innovative design, quality craftsmanship, advanced engineering and custom assembly.

Tech Twin American 13c 08Tech Twin American 13c 08  1Tech Twin American 13c 08  2Builder Delaware American Motors

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