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Soltador Cruiser by Hamann Motorsport

German tuner Hamann Motorsport is mostly known for its work on cars, But in the 2013 Geneva Motor Show they did not show up with just their usual roundup of nicely equipped 4-wheelers as there was an equally exclusive custom bike among them: meet the mean and outstanding Soltador Cruiser. The model has been created around a 113 cubic inch (about 1900 cc) S&S Evolution Style engine with machined heads and valve seats, modified camshafts and throttle body that went up from 38 to 60 mm to bring its total output up to an impressive 160 hp! This unit comes with a 6-speed gearbox from Harley-Davidson and exposed NH Power belt primary drive. The overall aesthetics of this model are quite typical of the German school – in the same vein of some well-known names such as Kodlin and Walz, so to speak – and uses several parts that have been specifically developed for this model, most notably the frame, that captivating single-sided swingarm and the impactful, anodized Edition Race rims, measuring 4.5×18″ and 10×18″ and fitted with 130/60 and 280/35 tires respectively. Source Motoblog..itSoltador Cruiser by Hamann Motorsport  1Soltador Cruiser by Hamann Motorsport  5Soltador Cruiser by Hamann Motorsport

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