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Snake Road Concept

Before rushing to the closest snake charmer and ask him to share the secrets behind his tantric skills, let us tell you that the bike we are presenting here only has the looks of a cobra that’s ready to strike, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Otherwise, it’s just a futuristic motorcycle concept that draws inspiration from the Imperial Speeder bike from the Star Wars films and the creations of German designer Simon Daniel. We have to mention that Simon is the master-mind behind the Tron lightcycle in the upcoming Tron Legacy movie.

The only special skill you’ll need to tame this cobra-cruiser is related to the ones used to ride any type of bike. Dubbed Snake Road, the concept is presented by French designer Bruno Delussu, who made the raised and flattened area of the motorcycle looks like a cobra ready to attack.

But instead of Sssss-ing, the only sound you’ll hear from it is the good old Vroooom. Instead of an electric motor, the Snake Road concept bike gets its power from a traditional internal combustion engine.

“Being a motorcyclist myself, I love the sound of a motorcycle engine (reminiscent of a raging lion), so the engine is a traditional internal combustion engine rather then electric, as the new trend would have it (a matter of ecology),” Delussu explains.

The inclusion of a large analog speedo dial gives the motorcycle with the fiberglass design a retro touch, bornrich.org reports. In addition to that, the French designer also used three exhaust pipe tips coming out from either side of the bike, and massive hydraulic pistons holding the aerodynamically faired front tire.

Source Autoevolution.com

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