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Harley Street 750 “Makku” by Rajputana Custom Cycles

Rajputana Customs are the first ever Indian custom shop to customize the Harley-Davidson Street 750. The original bike hasn’t been modified much, with the frame undergoing minimum structural changes, and most of the modifications being bolt-on bits- as stated by Vijay Singh.

The theme is one of a “bratty cafe racer with a minimalist aesthetic approach”, with chunky tires, USD front forks, and a new simplistic, stand-alone round head-lamp. The original tank has been retained, but has been re-painted in matte, with a single white stripe running diagonally across it bearing the H-D logo. The rear section and seat has been completely done away with, while the battery housing area is now shrouded with a mesh portion carrying the 750 name. The new single seat is another nod to the minimal aesthetic approach.

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