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BMW K75 S Cafe Racer by Hammer Kraftrad

Michael from Hammer Kraftrad came upon this BMW  K75S through Christian who has a BMW motorcycle store. He had this K75 S from 1992 in his garage that was just standing there but was far to good to not be used at all. It only had a few kilometers off and over all it was in a good condition. Just a few days later he would bring it to Michael’s workshop. Michael had some ideas already because he has been thinking about customizing a bike out of the BMW K-series before.

They aren’t known for being the best looking or coolest bikes but he always thought there was something to them. Plus the nickname that he did like for some reason: Flying brick.

That’s how he used to call the bike during the process of the building. Michael took off all the fairing he didn’t like and made himself new parts out of aluminum like the fenders or the back. Because he didn’t want to leave it all naked he added another fairing in the style of Ducati/Imola and that’s also how it came to the upper half silver, lower half black painting. The engine remains a major point of the bike, but it looks a lot thinner and fast

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