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Big Time by CamTech Customs

Fabricator from Robbie Closson told me how things all came together to produce this gorgeous bagger. “So, we decide to take the 2010 Harley Road Glide to the next level. We ordered a 26” Racine from HHI and started with the mock up stages of the bike. We wanted to do something different with the fairing, so I came up with the idea to mold a Hayabusa headlight into the fairing, and from there we went crazy with this bike. We molded the whole outer fairing together as one piece, windshield and all, which we had also done before. So many people like the result that now we sell the one- piece Street Glide fairing and windshield.Next we moved onto the frame, cut it, moved out the neck by 2″, shaved and smoothed it and a drop seat was installed. Body is another wild creation. We started with a Bad Dad rear fender, side opening bags, and tank extensions. With those parts and one thousand hours of bodywork, we molded the whole body in one piece like with a pro stock bike (remember, we are drag racers),. We used Yaffe’s front fender, added our own touch to it, along with his lights in the rear. For a nice power plant I built a 124” motor using Revolution Performance engine components, and had everything powder coated black with diamond cut treatment on the fins. After we decided to run the Procharger we ordered a couple different inner coolers, but could not find one we liked, so we had our in-house fabricator build us one. We integrated the inner cooler into the frame, and built a nice air dam around it, which is molded into the frame as well. From there, we converted the bike over to chain drive, and moved onto the next obstacles.

Handlebar decision was a fiasco. With about eight pair of bars here in the shop, we had nothing that Cameron liked. So, on a prayer, I ordered handlebars, controls, and forward controls from HHI. When they hit the floor, my boss Cameron fell in love with the products. We were still only mocked up and had only nine days before the Atlanta bike show. I started the tear down to have everything ready for bodywork and paint the next morning. It took Chris Minichiello and his crew about 4 days to get the bodywork and paint complete. I started assembly of the bike and everything just fell together. I had the bike completed the night before we needed to leave for Atlanta, to take it to the show. Before we left, we all decided that we had to hear it run. We used a ThunderMax management system, and after about an hour of laptop tuning “Big Time” was alive. The ProCharger was whining and the modified D & D 2 into 1 exhaust was singing one nasty tune. “Big Time” went into the trailer and off to Atlanta we went”

CamTech hard work did pay off. In Atlanta, “Big time” won both Bagger Nation Judged Class and Spectator Class with another Street glide we built. The boys also ended the 2010/2011 Easyriders tour by taking The Bagger Of The Year award. “”Big Time” also qualified for a free trip to the Sturgis AMD World Championship Of Bike Building after winning both the Freestyle & Modified Harley classes at the IMS Show in Greenville, SC. CamTech Customs became the first competitor to win both classes in this show.

Josh Zak, Mitch Melling, and Mario Camacho have also contributed to this bike. Learn more about “Big Time” in an upcoming issue of Easyriders Magazine. CamTech Customs. (all pictures copyright and courtesy Michael Lichter for Cyril Huze)

Source Cyril Huze

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