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Amen design hubless monster

Mike began the year pulling out all the stops with his creation of The Hubless Monster Motorcycle. Many Secret conversations resulted in the creation of the largest Motorcycle Tire in the World, The 360×18 by Vee Rubber. Not stopping there, a 23” Diameter Tire was also developed. The mold production began and Mike started with the construction using plywood and steel “Models” of what the tire would look like. This new 360 Tire was so wide and with limited time for production (2 Months) that he decided on using friction drive technology from the Carnival Ferris Wheel, plus the drive system would have to be hidden. The bike would incorporate the most amount of sheet metal ever used on an Amen Bike. Mike decided to pull out the drawings for The Hubless Wheels that were 8 years old, and build A REAL Hubless Bike. The “Sheet Metal” resulted in being fabricated as boxed structural steel panels used to mount the wheels and drive system. This Bike is so Revolutionary and Historic that the following list is a breakdown of its accomplishments.

amen-design-hubless-monster-full-6530amen-design-hubless-monster-full-6531amen-design-hubless-monster-full-6534amen-design-hubless-monster-full-6532amen-design-hubless-monster-full-6533Source Amenmotorcycles.com


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