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Akrapovič Full Moon Concept

Akrapovič has officially unveiled its brand-new Full Moon concept motorcycle at the 2014 Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany in front of a captivated audience of show visitors, journalists, photographers, and selected guests.

This stunning new concept has been developed with the assistance of Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles—the same partnership that produced the legendary Morsus in 2011. Like its predecessor, the Full Moon is an extravagant, technically exceptional, promotional bike from Akrapovič.

Designed to be a continuation of the Morsus story, the Full Moon has a personality and characteristics completely different from its predecessor and has been designed to excite anyone that might not have been impressed by Akrapovič’s first prototype machine—if that were at all possible!

This concept machine was developed to avoid being categorized, and as such is a bike that belongs nowhere and everywhere, making it a unique motorcycle. The name comes from the huge aluminum and carbon thirty-inch front wheel, which is completely visible, giving the impression of a full moon and making a huge statement of what this bike is about. Over eight hundred hours went into creating this superbly finished machine, which features an S&S Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine and two modified custom-made Akrapovič exhausts. The frame and bodywork are made entirely of sheet metal and form an extension to the exhausts. The bodywork is thus part of the Akrapovič exhaust system—an integral part, in fact—and the bike itself is essentially an exhaust.

The thirty-inch composite wheel is not found on other custom bikes, and another innovation is a composite braking disc, also unseen in this size on motorcycles until now. The steering is completely automated, which allows a minimalist steering rod without any visible cables that would otherwise be required for the bike to function. The Full Moon can also stand upright when parked, courtesy of its hydraulic suspension. This is an extremely technically advanced motorcycle, full of unique elements that were carefully chosen to make the bike totally exclusive, and the shape hides completely new solutions used on a custom bike for the first time. The Full Moon is like no other bike out there now, and Akrapovič is very proud of it.

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