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Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks

Ducati 749 build by Gustavo Penna of Apogee Motorworks, The bike started life as a stock Ducati 749, Gustavo used it as his canyon carver and weekend track bike for a number of years before he decided to take out the spanners and see what was hiding beneath the Pierre Terblanche designed fairings.He installed a more powerful 749R engine, complete with its racing cams, titanium valves, valve guides, connecting rods, magnesium head covers, a slipper clutch and carbon-fibre belt covers.

A hile the original sketch featured a fuel tank and seat that could be slid forwards or backwards to suit the rider, thus allowing for a perfect posture, it never did make it into production, which is why Gustavo re-engineered the rear sub-frame and fuel tank to enable full adjustability. The exhaust was designed with the help of a friend who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, with the duo employing computational fluid dynamics to perfect the design and then handcrafting it from titanium.

Ducati 749 by Apogee MotorworksDucati 749 by Apogee Motorworks  1Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks  2Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks  3Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks  4Source  Gustavo

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